About this property

The evolution to 21st century communications

Set in the heart of Old Montreal, this stunning property was originally built by the daily newspaper La Presse in 1958-59. Designed by architect Jacques M. Morin, the property was completely redeveloped in 2018 to modern specifications. At that same time, it was converted to a multi-tenant building.

The property is situated close to the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport and within walking distance to Montreal’s Central Station. It is easily accessible by bus, metro or bicycle.

Among its many features, it counts 24/7 onsite security. A unique window curtain wall across the building’s facade ensures a bright working environment for all with ample natural light.

More information

This property was built to house the La Presse newspaper in the late 1950s and was designed to meet the specifications of a modern newspaper. A special membrane was designed and installed to protect the foundations of the building erected on the Saint-Martin River, located under Saint-Antoine Street. This same technique was used again, a few years later, when the Montreal courthouse was built on the other side of Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

The foundations were also designed to withstand the vibrations from the printing presses, which were installed at street level and able to produce 100,000 newspaper copies every hour.

Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Jean-Louis Gagnon, the staff moved into the new space in October 1959, heralding a new journalistic approach that helped to shape the Quiet Revolution.

At the time of its construction, the property featured the largest glass-encased surface in the city. The property is located in the heritage area of Old Montreal.